A shortfilm from the heart


A fun experiment

Early in our babysteps towards a career, we were so lucky to meet a wonderful guy that we founded a great friendship with. Over the years this friendship has brought a lot of fantastic, exiting, difficult and breathtaking adventures and assignments with it, and the shortfilm HÅB is one of these.


For the competition MY RØDE REEL, Nikextension came up with the idea that we should create a story we could turn into a film. A story about a girl that sees the evil and unpleasantness in the world as she grows up, which she wants to change.


Images from the film

The Film

Here’s the outcome of one week, with blood, sweat and tears

Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

Here you can see how we worked on location.
Even though we had some long days on the set  – working with such a great crew made it a pure pleasure.

(see the BTS film below)

Our role

Director of Photograhy, Post-production and Color grading